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A Juicer That Rocks My World

Such a great blog post and comparison of types of juicers. The video link in this post is a fantastic representation of the different juicers, too!

Nattyfish in the Light

About six weeks ago, when I decided to take on juicing as a lifestyle, I was missing a key component – a juicer.  And since I’m the type that when I dive into something, I have no idea how to do it in a non-extreme way,  I bought two juicers instead of just one. Wait!  I have good reason!  Here’s the story.  I did all sorts of research about what kind of juicers are best and why, concluding that a masticating juicer was the better choice over a faster centrifugal juicer. And I decided to trust Amazon’s ratings and go by their #1 seller in juicers and bought an Omega J8006.  So, after a week with my shiny chrome Omega, I started to wonder if that lightning fast Breville Juice Fountain Plus centrifugal juicer might be better for my impatient ass who isn’t too fond of unnecessary chopping.  So I bought one…

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