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7 Girls + 7 Days + Cuba = Tropical Vacation 2013

About a year ago, a group of girls decided to plan a tropical girls vacation. In January 2013, we decided we would go in October. In June 2013, we decided we would go to Cuba. In July 2013, we decided to book the trip. And finally in October 2013, 7 girls embarked on a tropical girls vacation!

Having changed my eating habits to eliminate animal products in January 2013, many people asked me if I would continue to eat vegan while on vacation. It was tough to answer even though the answer was “Yes”. I felt I needed to explain to these people that my eating vegan isn’t a fad but rather an entire lifestyle change. Eating vegan has improved my inner health beyond anything I thought possible!

I’ll “cheat” by drinking … for 7 days! LOL

People who had been to Cuba “warned” us that the food was not that good. Honestly, were they serious or just picky?

I’m here to tell you, that at the resort we were at, the food is not that good! Granted – it may have been better had I further “cheated” and ate animal products … but the dishes that were as vegan as possible in a foreign country were not that good.

In fact, I LOST 4 pounds on the 7 day all-inclusive vacation! Even with all the rum and coke consumption!


This is a picture of breakfast. The first day I had dry toast – that’s it! Luckily, I opened my eyes a little wider and found some decent options:

Fresh made smoothie with juice, mango, papaya and banana sometimes; toast with ‘jam’; fresh pineapple; pan-fried potato medallions; sweet potato; and pumpkin. This was an ok breakfast … but they also had an omelette station, bacon, etc.


This is dinner. Some nights offered more options than others. But most nights had white pasta and a choice of two sauces: white (cream) and red (watery tomato soup). I was able to add onions and have the chef fry it all together. Also included in this picture is white rice. Normally I would include beans with the rice, but that might have been during dinners later in the week.

All in all, it was a great vacation. 7 girls for 7 days in Cuba. The weather was great for 4 days and cloudy-ish for 3 days. We were able to enjoy the beach & ocean during the hot days but not during the cloudy days as the under-tow was too strong.

I have said that I don’t think I’ll go to Cuba again, but then I thought maybe if I go to a resort of higher star-value, it might be better.

Next up will be Vegas then Mexico … at least that’s the plan for the next 2 years!

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