Frozen Pizza Showdown # 1

It has been 11 months and 2 days (plus whatever time at the end of 2012) since I last ate frozen pizza … because it’s not so easy to find a vegan frozen pizza! I have found many pizza crusts that I’ve used to make my own pizza, but not “buy and bake” frozen pizza!


This is the Tofurky Vegan Mozzarella Flavoured Pizza. A comparison in taste of the “cheese” would be to Dr. Oetker‘s Quattro Formaggi … decent flavour, but it sure doesn’t “melt” like they advertise!


This is the Tofurky Pepperoni Pizza. It does have a pepperoni-like flavour, but there is very minimal “cheese” on this pizza. I added some Soya cheese after it was almost done baking … but it’s nothing like the frozen pizzas a non-vegan can eat!

All in all … I think I’ll stick with buying the crust and making my own ‘frozen’ pizza rather than spend $7 – $10 on a frozen pizza that really wasn’t all it could be.

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