New Spice Drawer and a Super Clean Kitchen



One thing I’ve been wanting to do for a LONG time (and have been doing a LOT of Pinterest research) is organizing my bulk spices so that they are easy to access and use when I’m cooking.

Currently I have a Rubbermaid tote literally over-flowing with bags and bags of bulk spices! I pull out the tote, dig through the bags, pull what I need and then try to re-stuff and shove the tote back in the cupboard.

The other day I purchased a case of 12 x 125 mL canning jars with lids. As I plan on making some spice mixtures, I kept a few jars aside, but otherwise I started plugging away at my over-flowing spice tote!

I managed to fill 21 jars with the spices & seasonings that I think I use the most often. I found a drawer in my kitchen (actually it’s kind of in a side-board-like piece of furniture that I have in my kitchen for extra preparation surface) that was about ½ full of crap. So I emptied it out (yet to actually go through the crap) and that’s my new spice drawer (pictured above). I will have to buy more jars to be able to have all of my spices readily at hand, but this is a good start.



This is a picture of my kitchen that I took back in August after getting is sparkling clean! I’ve been doing the same thing this morning, including a sink full of PineSol & water so that everything is super clean and smelling great!

Now to get on to cooking more wonderful dishes!!! I purchased some ingredients for a couple of the dishes listed in “Gona Try”.


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